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Maxspect Mazarra P "Black Series" LED

Maxspect Mazarra P \"Black Series\" LED
2 x Maxspect Mazarra P series 60w Led Modules
1 x Controller
1 x Hanging kit

Maxspect Mazarra P "Black series"
Just to clear a few things out, the "Black series" is the final production version of the Mazarra P where many improvement has been made compare to the "Pre production Silver Version"

# It has a high-gloss UV paint finish compared to the aluminum finish of the Silver edition
# Black edition has a LCD display
# Uses Cree XML, Cree XP-G, Philips Luxeon Rebel and SiBDI chips instead of Bridgelux chips.
# Optional fans as standard
# Different type of lens kit as standard
Video walkthrough of Maxspect’s new flagship LED fixture, the third generation Mazarra (From RB)

You MUST see this before buying any LED Light Fixture!!

For marine and Freshwater - Exclusive to DeepBlueAquarium (NZ)

Modularised Design

The Mazarra will come in modules, each module will be 22cm x 22cm (8.5"x8.5") square, each weights about 2kg (4.4 lbs).


Each Mazarra module will by default have an output of 60w, there will be 4 rows of LED, 4 bulbs each, a total of 16 bulbs. These can be the 3w (driving current 700mA) LED bulbs we're using now, or the newest and latest Cree XM-L 5w (driving current 1500mA) bulbs.

Therefore it is possible to install 16x 5w = 80w in total for each module, but by default we'll have the bulbs add up to 60w and there'll be no need to use a fan for active cooling.

Each row is an individual channel, can be dimmed separately.

Each power supply can power up to 4 modules.

Using the latest Cree XM-L bulbs, two of these LED modules at 120w will be generating MORE lux / PAR than the current 160w LED. The standard package would be 2 modules, 1 controller and 1 power supply.


The new modularized mounting frame named "LEGO", is so versatile.

The mounted LED module can be slided to the front / rear, and tilted to any direction within 20°. LEGO can also be hung using the hanging / wall mounting component.

So for folks who like to focus all the light into a center area in their square tank, they could mount the lights like, or if they don't like to mount the light on the tank, they could also use a rear stand mount.

Simple, flexible and versatile.


Each LED module will have a built-in Wireless component, that can be used to connect to the controller.

One controller can control a number of LED modules, all connected wireless.

The controller will be mounted on the rails, taking power from one of the nearby modules, and is not part of the LED module at all. It'll have a simple display with icons, 4 buttons and a dial.

The controller can control the dimming of each of the 4 channels individually in all modules. Each channel can have 8-step intensity saved into the memory.

For example, channel A LED will be the royal blue, it'll be turned on from 0% to 30% intensity from 8:00am to 9:00am, then 30% to 50% from 9:00am to 10:00am. While channel C LED would be the 480nm blue, it'll be turned on from 0% to 50% from 9:00am to 10:00am, etc.

But that's not all!

The Mazarra will also have the running-lamp effect, the controller would be able to set a "delay" in the timer on each of the modules, so for example, if we've 4 modules A B C and D from left to right, module A will light up first, then 10 minutes later it's module B to the right, then module C and finally module D. This will simulate the running light effect of side to side sunrise/sunset.

In addition, we'll have a pre-programmed "weather mode" built into the controller, with 3 weather mode:

Sunny - no clouds and 100% intensity the whole day. Cloudy - random "running dimming" to 70-80% maximum intensity during the day, from 3 seconds up to 20 seconds duration. Rainy - cloudy and the light will be at 70-80% intensity most of the day.

Finally, the modules can also be run WITHOUT controller. There'll be a pre-programmed 8-step intensity burnt onto each module, so for lower end modules they can still have dimming pre-set.

These lights will rival the best of the best for LED lighting and Technology + exceed competition for flexability and expansion, with the most unique aquarium mounting system.

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